Monday, 10 December 2012

Update + Latest Youtube Video ~ Lush Christmas haul 2012

Yes I know I've been away for a SUPER long time and I do really apologise! I haven't really mentioned this a whole lot but in September I started a Access:Health course to kind of aid my journey into university to become a registered adult nurse. 

If you've never done a access:health course or you don't know what it is, basically in my college the course is divided into Biology, Sociology, Health studies and Study skills. I study from 9am-5pm Tuesday and Wednesday, while having a part-time job, doing my voluntary work, doing all my assignments, completing the 2 hours study every night to get a distinction in every topic and basically trying my hardest to have a social life.

To put it in perspective I am a very social person, I normally see my external family (e.g. the family I don't live with) every two weeks if not every week. My course is that ram-packed that last weekend was the first time I got to see my external family since AUGUST guys! I am starting to get into a firm routine of getting my school life and social life in order, so I am starting to feel less stressed which is good for me and it's good for you guys cause I can start filming and blogging again!

I will be coming up to Christmas break soon (well in two weeks) so I am going to try making a 'store' of videos and blog posts, so that if i have an insanely busy week with college I can at least get up a video and blog post every week (I've decided that's going to be my new year's resolution guys!)

So for now I'm going to post my latest video (to date) that I've posted. My LUSH christmas haul!

P.S. I am going to a special opening of Lush Liverpool's new shop so I will be blogging about and possibly even try my hand at vlogging the experience, so keep your eyes pealed!