Thursday, 31 January 2013

LUSH Liverpool Grand Opening

*Edit* I did write this before Christmas but due to using a new camera to take the pictures of the opening, I didn't actually know how to access the camera photos without the software!

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the new LUSH store & spa in Liverpool. They had a VIP event the night before the event which I was originally invited to but I had to work! :( Boo! So they were nice enough to let me come down the next day and blog.

They have moved the store to Whitechapel (by the Met Quarter) which is a much bigger store with a new spa included upstairs which the old store never originally had. On arrival you were welcome by plates of mince pies, a perfect treat for the all day - last minute Christmas shoppers and we were serenaded by an amazing female singer who I will try to find out her information for here of course. It was a lovely change having a in the flesh singer as opposed to P.A music, which most shops tend to have practically the same C.D on repeat so it was very refreshing when you went in to hear that.

Inside the products were much more laid out with the shop being twice as big as the previous location. Cue the wall o' presents!

As a result of having more space there of course meant there were more of the world's most brilliant sales assistants who don't talk to you like your a customer but make you feel like your going shopping with your friends, which is sooo much better! And with that, Hi Hannah! :) Now of  course with all the friendly staff there is of course bags of help and you are never stuck for ideas with them around! Each of the products now have they're own little home and there is also more sinks which also means more demos!!! Every staff member I talked was also super excited that they've actually brought the fresh face masks onto the shop floor meaning they can get your face mask in two secs and they don't have to traipse up and down staff to get them (from the point of a current sales assistant whose stock room is off-site -meaning it's not connected to the shop- having to run up and down stairs all day is never fun!). My only jip is the location of the soaps. They are located either end of the tills and while that's a really good place to get additional add-on's with customers (that's the sales assistant in me coming out) they are not the most shop-able place. When I was there the majority of the customers seemed to think the store is one-way which meant that if you wanted to look at the soaps it can become quite difficult and crowded. My tip - head straight to the soaps!

Now onto the bit your probably all looking forward to............The SPA!!!

The spa is very cleverly 'hidden' upstairs which makes it nice and secluded and relaxing, perfect for massages! As you walk upstairs you feel almost like you've walked away from the city and into a lovely countryside house and it helps that the entire upstairs was lit by tea light candles and not bright shop lighting.

Now the spa is split up into several different sections, there are of course the treatment rooms which I shall tell you about a bit further down. There is then a lovely comfy seating area and the kitchen which looks like its been modelled after a real country kitchen, this is where you actually have your consultations with your therapist and then this is also when you finish off your treatment.

Let's get onto the good stuff. The treatment rooms! 

There are 4 different treatment rooms in total, all of which are specific to different treatments. I was lucky enough to get to view 3 of them as a lucky individual was getting a treatment in the 4th one. Each room is dimly lit which helps in creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere and each room have different features unique to each treatment.

My favourite room was the double treatment room in which they actually memory foam massage beds with heated blankets....that sounds amazing on its own but they also play covers of music in there, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is actually the room for the new comforter treatment which you can get done with anyone you wish mum, sister, hell even your boyfriend if you really wanted to! I will right more about the treatments below.

They also mentioned during my tour that each treatment takes 18 months to develop to make it perfect and ready for people in the spa's. They are also currently working on a treatment in which they use a really old fashioned claw toed tub (if that's what you call them!), More from that when it comes.

There are currently seven treatments available in the spa with varying prices.

  • Tailor Made is the cheapest option at £40 and is a 30 minute customised version of the Good Hour massage which targets your problem areas.
  • The Spell is a hour long treatment at £55 which they market as a 'Magical treatment' which releases tension in the body and calms the mind through a foot massage.
  • The Comforter treatment which is currently the newest treatment also lasts for an hour and costs £65, as a part of this treatment you are given a hot chocolate body scrub followed by a massage using rose oil, perfect as mother's day presents for that special momma!
  • The Lush Sound Bath is the same length and price as the comforter but is much more of a meditative treatment which allows you to focus deeper within and listen to what is going on around you.
  • The Validation Facial is a hour long facial which costs £75 in which the all natural facial aims to change the way you feel from the inside out.
  • The Good Hour is a full body, deep tissue massage (which sounds like heaven) which lasts for 70 minutes (sounds even more like heaven) which takes on a being at sea point of view. This in total costs £80.
  • Synaesthesia is LUSH's most expensive treatment costing £125 for an 80 minute full body massage, but it also LUSH's signature treatment. This one amazed me the most as it is tailored depending on what the first word you pick off a board is. It also contains scented oils in dry ice which leave your skin scented! That alone would tempt me to get it.
Full descriptions of the treatments can be found on the back of the spa postcards which you can get from any member of staff.

I really enjoyed visiting the new LUSH store and spa and I will definitely be visiting very soon. I am actually thinking about getting a treatment at the end of the month for my birthday so I will be sure to blog about that if I get one!



  1. Hey, I really love your blog.
    I'm hoping to do something similar myself and I was wondering if you wanted to follow each other and kind of just support each other or something like that?

    1. Thanks hunnay :)
      Definitely go for it! I find it helps my creative side, not that I've got much of one ;) Of course, it'd be fun to make a friend over in Australia!


  2. This sounds amazing, i love Lush so much!

    1. I have a really bad addiction for Lush! Haha I'm on a spending ban till I use all mine up!