Thursday, 22 August 2013

School Series ~ Back To School Clothing Haul

So that time of year had rolled around very quickly. It's Back To School time and I am starting my Back To School posts!

Now I don't start uni until the 23rd September, but I have started getting a couple of bits of clothing. The clothes I have got are more comfy casual chic so I can sit in lectures etc for hours and still be comfy while looking cute! So let's get onto the clothes...

I ended up getting the majority of my clothes from my work (Monsoon) but I also managed to pick up a couple of bargains from Asda.

£4 down from £8

£4 down from £16

£10 down from £25

I also got one t-shirt from HMV that I thought was so cute and would be perfect with skinny jeans, boots and the jacket I just showed you from ASDA. All I need to say is Big Bang Theory and you may know what it is!


These are the bits I picked up from work with that same comfy, casual chic feel.
















So that's everything I've picked so far to add to the clothes I've already got, I am planning to get a couple of more outerwear bits soon so I may do a mini haul on them. I am also planning a healthy school lunches and snacks post as well as some more Back To School posts, so if you have anything you would like to see be sure to let me know!


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