Monday, 19 March 2012

Primark Pastel Blazer

I know this has done its rounds on the blogosphere and possibly on youtube as well, but I can't not tell you guys about this great blazer!

I love using light, thin blazers as cover-ups or take the chill off come spring/summer but they're also great fashion pieces. The blazer in question is the fabulous milky pink blazer from primark which only cost £15. Come spring I love these ice cream shades and when payday finally rolls around I might end up going back for the mint green colour! Apart from those two shades they also do it in patterns, I've seen it in black with an elephant pattern on it, I've also seen it in a white colour which I won't be buying because I always seem to spill something on myself when I wear white! :(
Now I only bought this blazer on friday and I am in love with it already! I am size 12 with an hourglass figure, I was also fortunately...well unfortunately granted big boobs thanks to god and genetics and I love that this doesn't button up as it's more flattering on my figure. It's a lovely waterfall front with white inside so if you wanted to roll up the sleeves you have the white of the interior and then you see the pink colour through it. 

I wore this for mother's day which if you live in the UK was time for sunglasses and I stayed lovely and cool! I'm going to do a seperate post styling this blazer, I might do some more spring/summer styling posts/videos.
This is definitely going to be one of my spring/summer favourites cause it's such a light silky material which means you means you can fashionable while staying cool. I know Primark have been increasing their prices but I feel that the quality of the fabric and materials are getting better so I don't mind paying the extra! 

What are your key spring items?

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