Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tip Friday #2 ~ Nail Polish Mistakes

Welcome to the second Tip Friday, last week I talked about the different uses you could get out of your nail polishes. This week's tip again is going to be nail related (I'm sorry, don't shoot me yet!). Now I'm not too bad with painting my nails but I can often make mistakes, go over the line or when trying to paint with my left hand things can just go plain wrong! I've been doing this when I do my nails for months, but it's recently come out in Bella magazine so it must'nt be wrong. 

So when I'm painting my nails I always have a little cap full of nail polish remover on the table, this is for when I make the dreaded mistakes. Now I've tried taking it off with a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover but the extra cottony bits seem to come off and stick to my nail polish, very annoying! Moving swiftly onto my point, when I was younger and first getting into make-up I was bought one of those cheap 32 piece brush sets from ebay, granted a couple of the synthetic brushes weren't half bad but I ended up with a couple of lip brushes and short little synthetic brushes, so I decided to use one to fix my nail polish mistakes!

For instance when I've made a mistake on my nails. I take one of my old nail brushes and dip it in some nail polish remover and the gently rub it over the smudged nail polish, and then I wipe the brush off onto a piece of tissue or kitchen roll. I found this has given my nail a more polished look and wiping it straight off onto the tissue prevents the brush going hard.

Note: I do use a synthetic brush for this otherwise I'd worry that the bristles of a normal make-up brush would just go hard and become useless!

Check out my last video here (link for lush favourites)

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