Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Product Empties - June 2013

You will not believe how happy I am to be writing this post. Why your probably thinking....?

That my friends (yes, I consider anyone who reads my blog a friend) is because I find it incredibly difficult getting to the end of products. Mainly, I get bored with using the same product and like to switch it up, that or when it's finished I bin it and forget to put it to one side for these such posts.

Here they are all together, my product empties for June 2013!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (SPF15) in nc15 - Now this foundation I used a lot throughout high school and loved it. I always felt like my skin was rubbish and I needed the full coverage, boy was I wrong! I seem to have a love/hate relationship with this foundation, as of late I found that even with a foundation primer it would still wear off throughout the day, particularly around the nose and chin. I also began to find it a very thick foundation which I only noticed when I switched to the foundation I mention below. I do however find this good when going out to a party/event due to the coverage, but I would use it sparingly!

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Light Porcelain - This foundation I have come to love. I bought it with my points on my Superdrug Beautycard (similar to a Sephora Beauty Insider card, I think) when I had left mine at home and it did take some getting used to as the foundation is slightly more runnier than the foundations I usually use. I found with a primer or even a good moisturiser that it would stay on all day, ALL over my face! It's a medium coverage foundation but I will say you can build up up, e.g. over problem areas like under-eye bags and spots or blemishes! It is also in a tie with another drugstore foundation for being the most perfect match for my insanely pale skin. It also came with a pump built in which meant I didn't have to buy one (MAC) or pour it onto my hand and waste product. I have already repurchased and definitely will be in the future!

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - I got this product a year or so ago as a gift but I never really used it, then I started watching YouTube videos and decided to finally try it. I did repurchase it, however it is a slightly more expensive primer at around £13 for a small bottle but it does seem to last for ages. It feels like a velvet silicone but I did notice that I had to clean my hands straight away otherwise my hands felt weird afterwards because the product stayed partly on my hands. I did notice that with my last bottle (shown above) that the primer's texture was a lot more liquidy, so I don't know if they've changed it or it was just a dodgey bottle!

E.L.F Makeup Mist and Set - I got this as a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay makeup setting sprays, mainly due to the fact that I didn't wanna spend all that money for it to not work for me! This seemed to help with stopping the makeup coming off my face around the nose and chin. I also used it as a makeup/face refresher for days when I looked or felt a bit dull and it really helped, being a student (with the late nights studying and writing essays and assignments, I've had many of these dull days) it really helped to have on hand. It's also the perfect purse size at 60ml and its only £3.75 so it won't break the bank to try! I'm currently debating repurchasing it or maybe spurging and buying the Urban Decay version to try. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I've used this powder for at least a year and this is probably my 4th container. Before this I used the MAC Mineralised Skinfinish, I did find it ran out fairly quick (anyone else find that with MAC powders?), whilst this lasts the same if not longer for a fraction of the price. I like that this mattes my skin without making me look like 1D and I find its also great for touching up, however once it reaches the stage where the point it hits pan gets fairly large, I tend to leave at home otherwise I find it shatters when it gets knocked!

Aussie Dual Personality HI-Hold and HI-Shine Hairspray - I will hold my head up and admit until I tried this I had never tried Aussie products, I would hear everyone rave about them and for some reason I got round to picking them up. This is only of the very few hairsprays that I can use that will actually hold my style and not be crunchy, which I despise might I add. My hair has a history of being notoriously bad when it comes to curling, it would fall out within 2 hours bad and this holds it all day while I'm able to run my fingers through and play with my hair. I also love the shine it gives to my hair. Aussie do have a few products in this Dual Personality range and I love them, they have a great smell while it reduces on the amount of product you've got to put in your hair!

LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner - This was a suggestion from the lovely ladies in LUSH Liverpool and I loved it and the smell but I think I'm gonna repurchase it and use it as a skin refresher! I love that its all natural which makes me feel better about putting it on my face a lot and it definitely helps in the hot weather. 


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  1. Great post! I love Aussie, it's one of my favourite brands x